Water Treatment Chemicals


Below our specialised fields (function) within the boiler industry.

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Product Function Download
PRO-TEK SB 100 Oxygen Scavengers
additional oxygen scavengers
product specification document
SB-100 Range Sulphite Based Oxygen Scavenger
SB-100 Full strength – uncatalysed
SB-101 Half strength – uncatalysed
SB-102 Full strength – catalysed
SB-103 Half strength – catalysed
SB-104 Multifunctional
SB-106 Multifunctional & Double Caustic
SB-109 Bisulphite powder
SB-120 Range Tannin Based Oxygen Scavenger
SB-120 Full strength Tannin
SB-121 Half strength Tannin
SB-122 Multifunctional
SB-130 Range Volatile Oxygen Scavenger
PRO-TEK SB 140 Alkalinity Builders
additional oxygen scavengers
product specification document
SB-140 Range Alkalinity Builders
SB-140 Caustic Full Strength
SB-141 Caustic ½ Strength
SB-142 ½ Strength Caustic + antifoam
SB-144 Caustic pearl + pyrophosphate
PRO-TEK SB 150 Antiscalent treatments
additional antiscalant treatments
product specification document
SB-150 Range Phosphate + Polymers
SB-150 Full strength Hexametaphosphate + polymer blend
SB-151 Half strength Hexametaphosphate + polymer blend
SB-152 Full strength Hex Potable 4 DHWS
SB-153 Half strength Hex Potable 4 DHWS
SB-154 Full strength Polyacrylate 40%
SB-155 Half strength Polyacrylate
SB-156 Full strength Polymer + Chealant
SB-157 Half strength Polymer + Chealant
PRO-TEK SB 160 Condensate Treatments
additional condensate treatments
product specification document
SB-160 Range Condensate Treatments
SB-160 Full strength near end protection 10%
SB-162 Full strength far end protection 15%
SB-164 Full strength near and far protection 15%/15%
SB-166 Full strength ODA filming 5%
SB 168 3 Amime blend
PRO-TEK SB 170 Fuel Treatments
additional fuel treatments
product specification document
SB-170 Range Fuel Treatments
SB-170 Full strength HFO treatment
SB-171 Half strength HFO treatment
SB-172 Full strength Diesel fuel treatment
PRO-TEK SB 190 Cleaning & Descaling Products
additional cleaning products
product specification document
SB-190 Range Cleaning Products
SB-190 Ammonium bifluroide powder
SB-192 Uninhibited sulphamic acid powder
SB-194 Full strength EDTA solution
SB-195 Half strength EDTA solution
SB-196 Resin Antifoulant Iron Removal
SB-198 28% Inhibited HCl

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